About Us

Our Story

We are a Baptist Church located at 14769 Wood Rd. Lansing, dedicated to spreading God’s word by fostering a welcoming environment for all individuals seeking spiritual growth and community connections.

God has granted us so many gifts and the opportunity to share God’s word with those who need him most.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that shape our mission and define our commitment to our community.


At cbclansing.org, faith is the cornerstone of our beliefs, guiding our actions and uniting us in our mission to spread love and compassion.


We are a group of Christians who meet together regularly and who have some measure of a commitment to each other to be the body of Christ together, which includes biblical leadership and biblical teaching and preaching and a proper celebration of the Lord’s Supper and a right application of Christian discipline.


Service lies at the heart of our mission, as we dedicate ourselves to serving our community with compassion, empathy, and unwavering support.

Get Involved Today

Explore our events, engage with our community, and join us in serving a higher purpose together.

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